A Night in a Mongolian Truck Stop

Published September 23rd, 2012

I had wanted to see something of the Mongolian countryside, away from the capital Ulaan Bataar. However, how to arrange this as a solo traveller recently arrived in town was not quite so easy. The costs of hiring a jeep and driver plus fuel, food and accommodation for the trip would be well beyond my budget if travelling alone. I needed to link up with other like-minded souls. The answer came, as it does to many in this position, in the form of a handwritten note pinned to the notice board of a back-packers café. “Wanted fourth person to join jeep trip leaving tomorrow.” The mobile phone appeared to be working and I called the number on the note. The author of the note appeared a few minutes later and we quickly agreed to team up.

Arranging the excursion of about 2500 Km was surprisingly easy. A simple route up to the north then southwest into the mountains and finally a long leg back to Ulaan Bataar. With the help of a local and first-rate expedition company we took the soft option ...

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