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Bobby Alcott

Bobby Alcott



Bobby Alcott is a Photographer based in NYC. A professional since 2005, Bobby has shot commercial, architecture, portrait and music all over the World. Bobby has been married for 24 years, and has two daughters, 15 & 10. To purchase prints, visit

How I Made "Respect"

Published April 21st, 2012

Early in my career, I shot some weddings in some very cool places -- including a small town in southern Japan named Ko-chi. After the wedding, we stayed in Japan for a week or so, exploring the country.

My wife and I were in a taxi, speeding around Tokyo near dusk when we both noticed this street with these amazing signs -- straight out of the stereotype vision of Tokyo. I dropped my wife off at the hotel and came back to this spot, which is actually an overpass (thus, the height). I got there just before the 6:45 train arrived at the Shinjuku station (just to the left of the frame, camera left).

After the train arrived, an absolute barrage of businesspeople walked over to and down this beautiful street, filtering in to each building until there were no more people to see. They were all hitting up the Sushi Bars, which evidently is a big part of the corporate culture.

I waited for a good hour or more to see what would happen. Suddenly at around 8pm - as if a bell or whistle went of ...

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How I made "Moonset over Detroit"

Published April 10th, 2012

This is a shot I have been working on for over 5 years. Honestly, 5 years. It seems extraordinary, but the fact is that Detroit is surrounded by both a river and a foreign country on about 60% of its border. Getting a moon shot like this is terribly rare because the southern and much of the eastern border is inaccessible for photography. Therefore, the planning had to be thorough and incredibly accurate.

The moon sets in the western sky, give or take 25 degrees, and the proper angle to get it from a very narrow eastern shoreline only happens maybe twice a year -- so, the weather has to be perfect and the time of day is critical.

Now, the azimuth is one thing; the altitude of the angle is another thing altogether. 4 degrees above horizon is about the proper angle to get the moon just above the buildings as I did. Therefore, the moon needs to be at 258 degrees azimuth, 4 degrees above horizon, at dawn when the sun is peeking above the horizon to light the moon a bright yellow. Easy!

A ...

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The story behind 'Pure Power'

Published August 1st, 2011

Hey all... I thought I'd share the story behind the photo 'Pure Power', found here:

I was down on the Detroit River, standing on a dock waiting for the Unlimited Hydroplane races to start on a Saturday afternoon when someone next to us said, very casually, that the 'air show' was going to begin shortly. As he said this, I turned my head to the left and saw this jet absolutely *screaming* toward us. I had never heard, felt or seen anything like that in my life; it was like someone had punched me in the gut as he passed over our heads and up the river.

The single FA-18 continued to do maneuvers and stunts for 20 minutes, thrilling the crowd gathered both coasts of the river (for those of you that don't know, the Southern coast of the Detroit River is actually Windsor, Ontario, Canada). I took dozens of shots, as the jet got pretty close to us on many occasions.

Then, as the jet circled around the downtown area, you could see a cloud of brown smoke behind t ...

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