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Based in the Southwest of the UK - I've been using a DSLR for about 8 yrs now and I like to think I've improved from the early days :)

Sunrise at Porlock Common

Published August 15th, 2011

So, the weather forecasts flipped and flopped between dry, cloudy, drizzle, showers and the occasional sunny spells.... this didn't end up deterring!

Steve (Spraggon), Jay (Hillview Photography) and I made the decision to meet up at 5.30am on Porlock Common, Exmoor, UK to defy the forecasts and see if we could capture the rising sun as it hit some ancient stones amongst the emerging heather flowers.

At first sight there wasn't much of a 'golden hour' but as the sunrise progressed there were enough breaks in the cloud to produce interest and, eventually, soft warm light on the stones.

The promised showers started to close in by 7am but we were treated to rays of sunlight bursting through the low cloud base resulting in some dramatic scenes. The pony image is typical of the environment the semi-wild Exmoor ponies live in year round, grazing the moors in what can be a very harsh environment... but I have seen pictures of these hardy beasts covered in snow without seemingly being too pe ...

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500px... liking the experience

Published July 3rd, 2011

It's now been a couple of months or so since I started using 500px... just in a quick post I'd like to say how much the interface and interaction seems so much nicer than the 'other place'!

I'll still be posting here and there but I think my images present so much better here... really looking forward to the changes that are mooted!

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A new experience...

Published May 21st, 2011

My friend, Jay, introduced me to 500px as an alternative to other photo sharing websites - so here I am!

It's all a new experience for me so looking forward to interacting with some great photographers, and hopefully doing myself some justice... as they say, watch this space!

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