D."Bodhi" Smith

I am a nature and weather aficionado who goes out every day to explore, experience, and capture the marvels I get to witness before me through the lens of my camera. My unique style and dedication to "getting out into the field" has afforded me the opportunity to be a professional landscape photographer...I also teach digital photography full time at a public high school close to where I make my home in Southwest Riverside County in Southern California.

I am a native Californian born next to the Pacific in Oceanside, CA...so, I spend much of my time at the ocean up and down the California and Oregon coasts. But I also frequently visit beautiful places in the Eastern Sierra, Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, New Mexico, Western Colorado, Ohio, and Florida...and have recently taken trips to Easter Island, New Zealand, and Iceland.

It is usually not a coincidence that I was at the right place at the right time to capture an impressionistic image of mine. Planned Chance: this is the term I have labeled for the way I go about my photography. I use the weather, the tides, the sun and moon schedules, and my past knowledge or research of an area that I am going to shoot. I plan out exactly where I am going to be in order to put myself in the right spots at the right times for magical events to happen...and if things work out, I am able to capture inspiring things with my camera. Of course, that is where the chance comes in, as things often do not always turn out as great as I had hoped, especially when dealing with things as indefinite as the weather itself. Still, there are those rare occasions were all the variables harmonize together and make everything turn out better than I could have dreamed...like when a Pacific storm rolls up onto the coast with beautiful clouds that have breaks in them right at sunset during a -2.0 low tide...

I have always admired the famous impressionist and surreal painters like Monet, Van Gogh, Dali, Kahlo, and Gaugin and how they captured light onto their canvases...but unfortunately, I have never been able to paint very well. But by using my camera as “my paintbrush”, my long exposures as “my canvas”, and the masterful way I capture light as “my paint”, I have been blessed and fortunate to take dozens of photographic compositions that people find to be dazzling and beautiful.

I call myself an "impressionist photographer"... but although I am exclusively a photographer, I frequently hear the comments that my photos often look like paintings--comments I truly love to hear. I use specific focal points, long exposures, and follow paths of light to capture an image with my camera the uses motion, blur, and reflections to create a composition that has the emotions of an impressionist painting.

I specialize in prints on metal, a process that makes my photos snap out with color and jump to life. However, I also dabble in other mediums such as placing extra acrylic on large photographic images to create an impression of paint-brush strokes on a photo that already has impressionistic characteristics. I also use “thematic” framing with some of my images to create more of a holistic impression of the image and more of the impression of “being there.”

I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to what I have to say, and be a witness to the memories I have captured in my photography.

D.”Bodhi” Smith

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