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Anne Bollwahn

Anne Bollwahn



Born to shoot.

Berlina Schaf

Published May 25th, 2014

Hi there,


my name is Berlina.

2 weeks ago I changed my pasture. Where I was before, nothing was going on really. Nothing at all! Always just green fields, the eternal bleating of goats and sheep with their lambs mom - and I should only ever be in the herd.

I wanted more! I had to get out, wanted to be free, to live: without fence, without flock without shepherd, without shear-dates. 2 weeks ago I started running. All alone. The weather was favorable and a meadow for the night can always be found ...

"You're crazy, my child, you need to go to Berlin" - I've read somewhere on the road. And I thought: right - I have to go!

And now I'm here: Un-be-lie-va-ble- what ´s going on here, what one encounter here!

I have to show you. And I do that on tumblr:

Howdy, Berlina

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