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Braxton Wilhelmsen

What do you want from me?! Okay, let's see, first of all I'm rad. Secondly I'm a retoucher and ad photographer by trade. Let me know if you're in the market. I'll divide this into 2 sections:

Resume style -

I'm confident, intelligent, dependable, and ambitious. I was the 2001 Utah State High School Speed Chess Champion, and the head member of the #1 team in the state. I have won a small few ping pong tournaments and achieved notable standing in art contests and classes. I have participated in bowling leagues, including the special olympics. I have played in Volleyball tournaments, as well as organized basketball, baseball and soccer leagues. I am emotionally stable, polite, caring, honest and loving. I served a mission for my church, have a crappy GPA and I'm getting really OLD!

Reality style -

I'm just some punk kid that wasted a whole lotta time playing pong and chess and drawing and rock climbing and martial arts and singing and racquetballing etc. etc., instead of being social, so now I'm socially impaired. Most of my friendships and relationships began as a result of common interests/activities, and competition therein. I don't like to chew gum. I like my Twinkies frozen. Chewing on cloth gives me the chills. Fingernails on a chalkboard doesn't bug me, but the sound of butter spread on toast does. I love to drive on ice, and ride my motorcycle over speedhumps. I can wiggle my ears independently. I don't know how to wield nunchucks, but almost every night I fight people in my dreams and I always win.

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