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Visiting a moving art form: The Russian Tall S...

Published January 14th, 2013

Just out of the blue, i was informed through sources that a sail ship from Russia will open it's decks to the locale for about 4 hours...that's not a lot, and despite that i'm not really into boats i was however interested in exploring them. As most people do, i did a quick google and i was amazed that it wasn't just any 'sail boat'. I took the chance and despite the very 'English' type of weather, i set out to see it...after all it was free. This is a teaser...i shall finish the whole set when time (and free hard disk space) allows me. This is a teaser pic of my visit to the Tall Ship SEDOV...story to come soon! All i say is that it was INCREDIBLE!

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My unraveling

Published November 22nd, 2012

New material, new visions and that eternal lust for life that pushes you forward. I'm glad I've gone this far despite the many drawbacks that plagued my photography. Two solid years worth of photos that i feel is worth sharing to the world and much more being created as the second hand ticks, i feel as if i have not scratched the surface yet since most are just picked randomly from a litter of so many in my develop folder. I first took on photography through automobiles and took the skills i learned from that and expanded it to unlimited possibilities...

I've attached a limited sampler of various shoots i've done, work-wise, commissioned, personal projects and my Autobellissima (all about cars) which may get it's own account here! It's been a humble journey from me, definitely no smooth sailing. Yet i'm constantly learning to apply my philosophy into creating an image from start to finish...and i hope it's the springboard of so many more to come and better output. Cheers!

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Yearning about returning to 500px...

Published May 21st, 2012's been awhile since i was involved in sharing photographs here in 500px or elsewhere. Not that i don't have any new material but in fact, i literally have thousands of photos to share that i feel may 'have that potential 'to touch the viewers emotions. At least that's the content that i've been seeing here on the site. Photos that make you go 'ooh' and 'ah' are always what i strive to reach when it comes to quality straight from the shot until post for both the viewer that appreciates or the client with that keen eye. Through 500px i've witnessed photos that are amazing, provoking me to try and make every potential photo i've already touched and yet to touch speak endlessly with meaning like them...but there was a problem...

The problem was that i did nothing much to 'share' as much as i did 'shooting'. I'm really not one of those to just share a photograph the moment it's's a bad habit i know but i guess my main reason is that despite i've been having praises, th ...

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Photo Sharing #2 'Panthera'

Published August 26th, 2011

A shot of the majestic Leopard. Taken at the Avilon Zoo | Animal reserve In Rizal Montalban. A privately owned animal house housing a lot of unique animals. it's just a half an hour drive from the metro. This cat in particular was very behaved, having restless cougers and jaguars in the next spaces and a white lion roaring for attention in the distance. He perches up to the top of his domain on his rocky place as this is the leopards environment enabling me to take this shot of him looking at me from the distance. I tried having a one on one stare with him but as a leopard, he seems quite the bashful kind, leopards in the wild are starving and im happy this one is not!

Hope you enjoy! if you like the photo, pls vote with this link!


Brian Carrera Shaw | FOTBELLISSIMO

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test page

Published August 19th, 2011

oserfgred tah agra guk guk lol

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A Photo Sharing #1

Published August 19th, 2011

"The keys to you"

A photo that i took from a well known local shopping mall, what makes this shot sweet is the fact that like most shopping mall, its hard to take pictures because they aren't allowed (if it isn't from where you came from. do let me know) not only that, i was using a big ASS lens, a 100-300mm metal shotgun and yet for some reason i was able to take a few of this intimate moment. Hope you enjoy! if you like the photo, pls vote with this link!


Brian Carrera Shaw | FOTBELLISSIMO

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Thank you 500px

Published August 19th, 2011

Dear 500 px

Apart from the plentiful nudes (LOL!) your site and its high quality entries has compelled me in a good way to improve the quality of my shots and editing. So much that im re-editing some of my creations so that it would be visually great for people viewing here. :D Hopefully one or a few would get noticed by the editors one day, for it would be an honor that bringing up the quality of my work would belong to the heirachy of the 'populars' :)


A new 500px user


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Still perfecting it

Published August 16th, 2011

lighting is quite tricky, it's got so much potential to be a one-off shot but can go in a mess just like that...will share this on my gallery once i found what more is needed...

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'It's Not about the images'

Published August 15th, 2011

"Writing is not about words.

Painting is not about pigments.

Music is not about tones.

As long as photographers

insist that photography

is about photographs,

the art is limited

and self-containing."

- Brooks Jensen

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Weekend Indulgence

Published August 12th, 2011

Let me share a place i go to every weekends! Salcedo Park (also known as Jaime Velazquez park) on Saturdays are open to fantastic food bazaars. You can find all things thats good not just for the stomach but also the soul! A great place to spend with your loved ones!

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Into the light, and out of the box

Published August 12th, 2011

Welcome to my Photo page. Let me introduce myself!

Im Brian Carrera Shaw.

Ive been no stranger to photography. was tinkering with film when i was in school but i only took it seriously only just recently when people encouraged me with their praises. So thank you all for believing in what i can do!

Thanks to my initial fascination with AUTOMOBILES, i was able to study light and composition through this unique subject. and through this ive learned to see the awesomeness our world has to offer. I take pictures of everything. Trying to capture the essence of a theme motivates me to capture the soul of that picture. I do hope you enjoy what i can offer.

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