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Bridgena Barnard

Bridgena Barnard

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What ever it takes remember :“Intrusion = Endangering”! Her love for nature, her acknowledgement of the natural beauty of Africa, is her canvas! She often quotes: My whole body and soul is rejecting the presence of City life – and this is my affirmation of organizing our next visit to one of her favorite wild life Photography destinations. Johan Barnard (Please note: All the photos were taken on trips and tours that were planned personally.

Bizarre Encounter

Published July 9th, 2013

Predator vs Predator

A memory and moment I will never forget – As always before sun rise and we are off to the nearest waterhole. We came across a Brown Hyena drinking water for the last 2 mornings, and we are hoping to get another glimpse of him in the golden sunlight.

The kids saw the Lion first, lying with is back towards us. It seemed to us he was washing and licking his paws. We positioned ourselves and set up our cameras to take shots of a drinking lion.

After a while we realise that he is not interested in water nor is he licking or washing himself. He is eating something…

Eventually he got up and starts pulling and to our horror realised he caught the Brown Hyena. We try to get to an answer – did the Brown Hyena invade his Waterhole territory or was the lion hungry…

Well he never let go of his pray and he finished it in the same way you eat a banana – peeling away the skin and finished the entire brown hyena.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park , South Africa

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