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Robert Fissel

Robert Fissel



Many people say one of their biggest regrets in life is they didn't take enough pictures. I love taking lots and lots of pictures. Photography is my Passion. Please comment and criticize my work, I want to become even better.

My First Model Shoot

Published August 24th, 2012

Craigslist is probably not the normal place to find models to practice photography, but who am I to judge. I had no experience as a professional photographer, so I placed a really basic ad asking people to help me(ad below):

Hello I really love photography, but I'm not a professional yet. I'm looking for models who want me to build them free portfolios by just helping me become better as a photographer. I'm 25 years old and have spent most of my time traveling the world shooting nature. Now I want to get better at shooting people. I love doing unique shoots with people who have a lot of character. I hope we could work together. If interested contact me with a picture please.

Over 100 people sent me their pictures asking me to build them a portfolio. One in particular really caught my eye.

Her name was Sara. She was a girl in her mid 20s with wonderful features and really long long lonngggggggg brown hair comparable to Princess Rapunzel. She emailed me asking me for some of my past ...

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