I dedicate to my love

Published November 4th, 2011

♪ (Music) Here Is Your Place - Rapazolla

It baffles me that this heart of mine,

changed from friendship to infatuation.

So it was this way that I realized,

I do not want to scare you or deceive me.

It is no longer, does not want to deceive or escape.

It is no longer, if that feeling is growing on me.

But I have to face this decision, I confess and open my heart

It's for you, I send you flowers every morning saw;

It is you who makes my heart beat more than a thousand.

I do not know, what else I do for to conquer you,

binds quickly comes here is your place, to this heart that only wants to love you.

@julianawh e @rbrunheroti

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