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Bruno Panieri

Bruno Panieri

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I am Sorcerer's Apprentice who was estranged for some years to photography after having made one of the many passions in young age, next to reading and listening and playing jazz music. The digital has allowed me to overcome my laziness in dealing with the preparation of the darkroom on the fly in the toilet of the house and it was a real turning point. Change camera and try all the time, not so much for the sake of technology, but for the sake of experimenting. I was struck, a few months ago, try the film and from that day that I took at the hands of the old father's Canon FTB with his rigorous 50mm., I started collecting old pieces of junk. I was born in 1962 and living in Rome, Italy
  • Canon EOD 5D MkII, Fuji X100LE, Fuji X100S, Fuji X-T1, Leica Type 109
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