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Bryan Jolly

Bryan Jolly



I am a 24 year old California native, currently studying classical voice at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Although I'm first and foremost a singer, a few years ago I decided to pick up a camera and try my hand at photography and quickly became hooked. It awoke a youthful sense of adventure in me that I'd only otherwise felt while traveling and it became a cathartic contrast to the stresses of my performance life; one that allowed me to be a spectator rather than a performer. I can't help but feel an invigorating sense of freedom when I visit a beautiful scene and my greatest concern is how to capture it. I love to see things in new ways, especially familiar things; to bring back that sense of awe for the things around us that we often forget to wonder about amidst our busy lives. I often photograph the same place, even with the same composition, just to see how much the elements of the photo change with lighting, weather, tides and seasons; I enjoy how much the subtlest of differences can affect the piece as a whole. Minimalism, therefore, has great appeal to me for the way it isolates subjects so the viewer can fully appreciate their subtleties. At the same time I'm attracted to extremes: quick and long exposures, dramatic lighting, and the deep colors and compelling ambience of blue hour. I like my photos the way I like my music -romantic!
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