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Mark Kennedy



I'll try to think of something good to say about myself but in the meantime, I'm a former freelance photojournalist. I also spent 14 years as a morning announcer in radio broadcasting. Photography is now just a hobby for me, although I have sold some of my work. I don't actively pursue sales. But that may change.

Nice To Be Here

Published December 10th, 2011

I always like to check out new things so I thought I'd give 500px a go.

Flickr is my main photo location where I waste a lot of time online and while I love it for the social aspect, I thought this site looked better as a choice to showcase my best work. OK, maybe not my best work but what my favourite photos.

It's my hope that aside from having another location to display my work, I will also have another source of inspiration. Like many photographers, I have periods when my cameras spend more time in the bag due to a lack of inspiration instead of in my hands capturing new images and feeding my creative side.

I welcome any and all thoughts, comments and critiques of my work. As an ex-photojournalist, I know what it's like to have your work scrutinized and although I'm not photographing news assignments anymore, I still have lots to learn with my nature and landscape photography. I'd also like to try my hand and fashion or working with models but my contacts are quite limited and m ...

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