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Liviu Burlea

Liviu Burlea



Born as the eldest of two sons to intellectual parents in Republic of Moldova, I started shooting pictures at the age 14, with an old "Zenit" 35 mm camera. From the age of 18, I worked and gained experience as a young professional photographer. Later on, and for more than 10 years, including through my music studies I continued working as a professional photographer. At the age of 28, I started a long journey of study, practice and work as a photographer in New York City. Ever since, alongside my love of music and my violin, I have been practicing the art of photography. My favorite color is black. I love Paris, Barcelona, New York, poetry and painting and miss Oprea. Still a smoking musician, violinist and composer. Got in to Photography just to have a little control over time... and from a simple hobby, photography has become The Passion of my entire life. I find the beauty and I capture it, whatever it takes...
  • Canon 1Ds Mark III
  • Hasselblad 503 CW
  • 16-35mm, 85mm, 135mm, 70-200mm
  • Zeiss Distagon CFi 3,5/30, Zeiss Distagon CFi 2,8/80, Zeiss Distagon CFi 4/150
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