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Carlos Arango

Carlos Arango



My work centers in the use of Film and chemical development of my pictures on silver gelatin prints. My work covers themes form Religion to Social and Cultural moments.
Wet Print

Wet Works

Published November 8th, 2012

So i finally started the path of professional photography, as usual i started with wet prints. I am really lucky to study in UWSP since its one of the few Universities in the US that still teach film photography.

Its been a blast, the dark room, the chemicals.... i mean the magic that is watching your photo slowly appearing in the paper.

Still i need a lot to learn, manage filters and times, so far i have made High contrast wet prints of some of my work, i'm still looking for that sweet spot in my prints.

My goal...well... Ansel Adams, here i go!!!

The road ahead is big, and long; but I'm pumped up, this is my passion.

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