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Martin Cauchon

Martin Cauchon

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Quebec city based photographer specialising in commercial work and portrait. I like taking pictures of people and products - highspeed, lifestyle, still life, social and model portfolio's. Still learning - you never stop in a creative subject, it’s what keeps me excited about the medium. I have reached the point where I feel it can be developed as a secondary career. I have long used photography to develop ideas, however it took me several years to understand how the image was important to me. I returned to photography in 2003 and now I take pictures to satisfy my creativity, though I must admit the interest in my photos on iStockphoto is also a motivation. I love creating images by the intelligent use of macro photography and lighting techniques. How did I get here... Although courses in film photography during my college, I am self taught in digital photography. With much help from the Internet, especially focus groups and workshops photo. I just end a 365 project designed to prove my creativity on a daily basis. Currently I am developing my portfolio and I am improving my skills. I am looking for people and interesting projects. When taking someone's portrait I want to capture their character first and foremost. I use of Strobist lighting, props and locations to create images. I also want my clients to look fantastic and I'm happy to Photoshop out the odd blemish!
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