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Cal Holman

Cal Holman

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Photography is a hobby - my wife hopes it will keep me off my motorcycles. I have had fun in the last few years. I do not have much time to take pictures so I am a little slow to upload. I try to upload to 500px the best of my shots. Hopefully you enjoy. I maintain a family web site at www.calandva.com which has all of my photos and more pictures from trips we have taken and portfolios from travel. What I consider my best photos I put on a photoblog site I developed to add additional comments about how I took the shot. If you like enjoy www.calholmanphotography.com The site has most of the features of a photoblog - comments, RSS feed, and an About Page with info on me and my equipment.

Grand Canyon Posts

Published January 4th, 2012

I just posted a few pictures from a trip to the Grand Canyon - 24 hours. Most of my photos are on Flickr and my personal site - http://www.calandva.com/holmansite/do/adventures/GrandCanyon2011/AutoForward?forward=GrandCanyon2011.pagedef.

These are the first posts from my personal website using the 500px API. The only thing I cannot transfer are the keywords - still working with the 500px guys to solve.

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500px API OAuth Example

Published December 30th, 2011

I posted an example of performing OAuth using Jersey and Struts for interacting with the 500px site. The example is on my site at


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Just Getting Started

Published December 29th, 2011

I just began hooking up www.calandva.com to 500px. I had some issues with OAuth and will add some hints on this site and on www.calandva.com.

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