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Angie O'Connor

Angie O'Connor



Hobbyist photographer that loves anything Nature! Landscapes and animals galore! Every now and then she'll toss in a person.... Open to any comments or criticisms that will help her learn and grow.

Photo Gallery!

Published August 22nd, 2011

Today I just confirmed my photo gallery exhibition for October!! Technically it was confirmed last year but there's been contact silence ever since then so I was scared to get my hopes up.... but today gave me confirmation that indeed, all lights are green for October! It's a local library gallery but still I'm excited! I'm going to show local photos from the Bow Valley (where the library is located) which means any shots of mountains, western or sled dogs.

Apparently they've done some renos so I have to go and see where I can place photos and how large they should be.... Which is kinda putting it tight time wise since I'm not even back in Canada yet >.< Still, when I get home it's gonna be nose to the grindstone going through new and old photos to find which ones to print and sorting out frames and hanging and labels and advertising and newspaper columns and a whole host of other things! I can't wait xD

If you've seen any photos in my collection here that you think I should show fe ...

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A Question for the People in Charge!

Published July 28th, 2011

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this and maybe has an answer as well....

In the last week I have noticed a couple of people that have uploaded large quantities of photos within short periods of time. When I say large I mean 200 photos up to 700 photos in one instance. When I upload photos myself I notice that there's a section that says my limit is a number / 20 per week. I take this to mean that I can only upload 20 photos a week which is perfectly fine by me. However... obviously this isn't the case since some people are uploading hundreds a day!

I haven't tested it myself by trying to upload more than 20 but I was wondering, is this a bug or does this limit actually not exist? I think it's a great idea because it limits people from using the site as an online storage unit and helps us all get more exposure because our photos aren't ousted from the Fresh Pages as quickly as when someone all of a sudden uploads 50 snapshots.

Anyway, that's the question. Just looking for a ...

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Today&#39;s Photos Are....Canadian Inuit Huskies!

Published July 27th, 2011

For the two photos uploaded today I introduce you to two more sled dogs! Meet Hannah and Mistaya! Both are Canadian Inuit Husky. Gorgeous, intelligent and personable! Unfortunately neither of them particularly liked pulling sleds and have since retired and now live together with a nice couple they have adopted! I believe they may have even traveled to Germany! Lucky dogs.

In this photo Mistaya is just under a year old. I believe she was 8 - 9 months. She also had a brother, Nanuk! Nanuk is the Inuit word for Bear while Mistaya is the Stoney word for Bear. Miss Mistaya absolutely loves attention so be ready for many more photos of her! She's beautiful and always ready with a new, unique pose. She was constantly thinking up new ways to get attention at the kennel and I'm sure she's loving her new life out in the world!

Hannah is about 3 in this photo. While her name has no Native American origins that I know of, she is Mistaya's sister from another litter. While a little bit more sedat ...

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New Series - Sled Dogs!

Published July 25th, 2011

A couple of years ago I had the great experience of working with a Sled Dog Tour Company. Now, contrary to all beliefs and opinions after the tragedy at Whistler, the company I worked for put all their effort towards maintaining dog health and safety. That was my entire job as a Kennel Manager. Poo clean up to 10 times a day, fresh straw, warm meals twice a day, clean out pens and of course, socialize with many, many dogs! This may sound like it shouldn't take long to do but when you're doing it for 180 dogs it becomes an all day, every day deal!

Of course, while putting around I did expose my camera to frigid temperatures to get those amazing photos only dogs can give! I did try and limit it to the warmer frigid days though.... While most of my kennel photos were left at home while I'm doing my travels, I do have a handful of them with me and from these I will post a selection. It could be any sort of husky from Canadian Inuit, to Siberian, Canadian Indian, Alaskan, even some Malamut ...

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Outback Photos?

Published July 17th, 2011

So I'm back from a vacation of sorts that was spent, in part, on a working cattle station in Far North Queensland. Red dirt, dust, crocodiles, wild pigs and, of course, Brahmans! Not my favourite breed of cattle.... but still, necessary in an outback photo!

Right now I'm really excited about my photos, mainly because I haven't seen any of them yet so still have high expectations xD I'm sure when I get them uploaded to the computer reality will set in but maybe I'll have one or two shots! I was trying out some longer exposures and am really interested to see how they turned out! Because the LCD screen on my camera is broken it's almost like shooting with film. I have no clue what anything will look like until I upload it! Which can be a pain when you're trying out new things and aren't sure which way to tweek the settings :/ Still, life is an adventure so what's a few photo surprises tossed in!

Now, to clarify, I didn't actually see any crocs so there's no photos of them. I did see a ...

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