Cutting back to gain more

Published August 5th, 2011

In my pursuit to gain more exposure for my work (someone has to look at it other than me) I found myself uploading too many photos. Word has it that it would be best if I just select a few of the great shots that would involve imagination and depth for discussion. With this new found knowledge I have managed to trim back 16 or so photos from my small collection (I just started last week).

Now the problem seems to be with over 30,000 photos on the computer how does one select two or three good shots to upload / week? Takes some time I guess.

Then I started wondering what is a good photo to upload and what is the trend these days. What will garnish me more views, criticism, support and assistance?

My goal, through 500px, is to become a better photographer and to share my work - afterall that is the basis behind photography isn't it?

By no means am I an expert and compared to others on here I would be reluctant to call myself an amateur but one thing I do want to become is better suited for different situations and more confident in my work.

I am willing to learn and can accept criticism where it is required.

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