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Calvin Hollywood

Calvin Hollywood

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Calvin Hollywood In the German Photoshop scene, many professional picture editors have establish themselves over the past years. Most of them got their fundamentals from a classic graphic, photography or digital media designer school diploma. This knowledge got further reinforced by working in various agencies and being placed in daily creative responsibilities. For many people this way seems to be the only way to climb up the professional latter in picture editing, especially in the Photoshop scene. But there are other ways. Since almost four years now, a name has been around the industry – Calvin Hollywood. He belongs to the young wild guns in the scene who don’t hide, present their knowledge with strong self confidence and who don’t think much of the ordinary and boring lecture styles of the past. With his unconventional style, his uncomplicated manners and the unbelievable knowledge around Photoshop, takes this man the word “digital editor” to a new level. As an autodidact and an absolute career changer in the world of the digital photography and picture editing, he accomplished something others can only dream of. Not only has he turned into one of the most famous Photoshop specialist in Germany and the surrounding countries, he also is about to inspire and influence, whole generations of Photoshop users with his unique style. His unforgettable “Calvinize Look”, which by the way rightly carries the name, spreads like a fire around online communities and forums around the internet. No one in the past has accomplished such a success story. So it doesn’t surprise, that the leading companies in the industry as well as press, put an eye on the talented newcomer. By now, real strong obligations and connections have been originated from the easy inquiries and the brand Calvin Hollywood has been long established. With the production of multiple DVD trainings, countless publicities of his work in industry magazines, awards and more than 50 presentations a year which have brought him from Europe over New York, to even Dubai. The digital artist from Heidelberg has placed himself in a short time in the top field of the Photoshop professionals. But not just because of this is Calvin Hollywood is known and present. You could say, that his days have more than 24 hours. The himself called “workaholic”, successfully starts and is founder of two of the largest online-forums about the Photoshop and photography topic. He informs his fans with all relevant news about him and his work over Twitter, Xing, Facebook, Youtube and his many websites. The digital artist replies to all his email personally and takes his time with his fans. If in this apartment is nothing to do for the time being, you can be sure that the Adobe promoter, Wacom evangelist and Photoshop beta tester, is working on the next steps of his career. Even with all this going on, the main focus never goes out of his mind and attention – the actual picture editing of the most recent photos. These works have in the last years, found more and more attention in the international industry and for this can Calvin Hollywood call many international awards his own. Next to many awards like the Trierenberg Super Circuit and the Sony World Photography Award, is for sure the most recent award, the Photoshop Guru Award, the highlight of his career. If you are looking after all this input of information about the person Calvin Hollywood, for a egoistic lone warrior who is only out for himself, you will be disappointed. You will not find any star preciousness or any other flaws, just honest helpfulness and openness to any inquiry he might get. Especially these characteristics will get pointed out, if you have the possibility of being part of one of his lectures and workshops. No hidden secrets and exaggerated profiling are here a part of the show, but rather communicate the skills and techniques, which quick and direct lead to exceptional results. This basis, combined with the own and refreshing Calvinize-Entertainment –Faktor, make his functions to a great adventure. Far above the boarder of Photoshop. Go ahead and convince yourself from Calvin Hollywood!
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