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My first exhibition

Published February 17th, 2012

After 3 weeks of preparation, madness and confusion, we managed to expose for the first time some of my works. I named it after the exhibition after the name of the book of 2012 - THE WEIGHT OF BRAIN -. The exhibition comprises 21 works, 20 print on paper 90 cm x 90 cm, and a 1M x 1M canvas print. We invested a lot in this in this exhibition, both financially and spiritually, I have a small hope that maybe all this effort will be rewarded in any way, not because I want something in return, but I need a change in my life, I wants to get out from the crowd and the world to watch with other eyes the digital art. For all fans of digital art and only, I invite the Moldova Mall in Iasi to admire the high quality prints, and for those interested in a eventula print, please do not hesitate to contact me. All good light.

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Natasha Root  about 5 years ago

Fantastic and congratulations! A show can be a great stress and expense but the exposure is a wonderful reward.... I consider anything else a perk ;)

Adrien Mogenet  about 5 years ago

Nice story and great work !! How do you feel now ? Do you enjoy the experience ? Does it bring lots of new contacts ? Or do you feel as a never-understood artist ? :P

Jane Terekhov  about 5 years ago

Yay! Congratulations! I love all of your works and am always looking forward to them appearing here. Really glad you finally got a chance to show it off to some bigger crowds!

Luis Pantoja  about 5 years ago

Deseo que tengas mucha suerte en esta exposición, aunque creo que no la necesitas, y que consigas ese cambio que deseas en tu vida.
Enhora buena !!!

Brian Higgins  about 5 years ago

Bravo my friend

Adam Bender  about 5 years ago

Good for you! I imagine from the effort you have already received some change in your life. I hope good things for you.

Anto Banto  about 5 years ago


JC Vogt  over 5 years ago

VERY NICE! Congratulations on your first exhibition. Looks really good. Hope it goes well!

Dieliric Dieliric  over 5 years ago

Felicitari pentru expozitie. Ce mall ai folosit?

Leo Wang  over 5 years ago

Your work is amazing.

Juan Antonio Maza  about 6 years ago

Congrats man.
Your work is amazing.

Roland Shainidze  about 6 years ago

Thanks for letting me know Caras... I know what you meant on your message, but I lobed the idea of presenting your photography at the shopping mall and from the pictures you posted on your blog they look quit good!!! Good job, I know you might imagined it a bit differently but what can you do?! You are amazing photographer don't forget it!

Iulian Mofteescu  about 6 years ago


Mark Smith  about 6 years ago

Looks wonderful, great job. Love your work, and wish you the very best.

Christoph Hessel  about 6 years ago

All my best, I am sure Your exhibition will be a great success

Hot Dog Photography  about 6 years ago

Best of luck Caras. I hope it goes really well for you. Best wishes. Bob