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How i made - The brave traveler -

Published March 13th, 2012

All file source is belongs to me !!

Thank you for watching.

Regards, Ionut

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Kieren Wuest  about 6 years ago

Hello Carlos,

I just came across your work, I think it's really great. My favorites are the images that are the hardest to determine if there was any manipulation done. Like this one. The source images are so very different but together it is as if they were meant to be in a place that is real (in your mind). But us as the viewer we just believe it is a real place. I am envious of your color correction/grading/matching/washing skills. So good.

Link Bekka  about 6 years ago

I love the even toning you get once the image is finished. It brings all the elements together cohesively..........................

Enrique Sánchez  about 6 years ago

great, splendid work.

Olga Osorio  about 6 years ago

Chapeau!!! Impressive!!! Good for you!!!

Paul Quinones  about 6 years ago

great photos.. very nice work