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How i made - The butterfly from my head -

Published April 27th, 2012

All file source is belongs to me !!

Thank you for watching.

Regards, Ionut

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Anja Williams  almost 6 years ago

I agree with Usha , I know photoshop pretty good maybe need a few pointers here and there so I would def invest in a tutorial but I just calculated 15 euro into dollars and that is a bit much for me .

usha peddamatham  almost 6 years ago

Hello Caras, I suddenly realized that I have purchased a print of yours from called future .... ! What a coincidence. I see that you have created the tutorial for download. But you have to rethink about the pricing. At 15 euros you will not be able to sell many tutorials. It has to be affordable to most of the people all around the globe. May be it took you many hours to make the tutorial. But you can't factor that into your price point. Anything under 5.00 euros will be more attractive to a lot of people. Better to sell 100 videos at $5.00 euros than sell 30 at 15 euros. It is the volume that counts. That is the strategy of low cost, high volume sales. Good luck.

usha peddamatham  almost 6 years ago

I would buy the tutorial for this photo montage that you have created. That way I can refer to the video over and over until I am able to digest it and implement it. But I have no desire to have a 101 session on Skype with you. Because we are in different time zones. If 100 people download video tutorials you have made $500.00 without you actually being there. You can make a short tutorial and post it on Youtube and provide a link to your website where they can buy the video. You are able to reach a lot more people.

usha peddamatham  almost 6 years ago

Caras, A video tutorial takes the viewer step by step and hence much easier to follow than someone explaining the same steps. A well done tutorial can be watched by hundreds at the same time in their own time zones at their convenience. And people don't mind paying a few dollars to download the video and watch it when they have time. This way you have done the tutorial once for that particular and it will generate income for you over time. Of course you need to have a way to accept payments like paypal that is familiar to people all over the world. Do some research and produce video tutorials than offer to teach 101. ia another example.

usha peddamatham  almost 6 years ago

Wouldn't it be easier to make video tutorials and sell them for $5.00 a pop and get a steady stream of income ? You don't need to be there giving 101 on skype. A lot of photographers are doing these photo tutorials. This is a link to a photographer who puts out ebooks.

Ravikanth Kurma  almost 6 years ago

Great work.

ines Belkahla  almost 6 years ago

Good job ;)

paolo del grande  almost 6 years ago