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Carey Rolfe

Carey Rolfe has been taking photographs professionally since 1998 as Cimian Digital Works and Underway Photography. He studied photography, design, digital video and advanced photographic lighting at the New York Institute of Photography and the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.

Living and working most of his life outdoors and on the ocean, his passion has always been shooting marine, aerial, nature and industrial images. However, with the arrival of the first of his two beautiful daughters, he also discovered a passion for capturing meaningful, candid images of people from all walks of life experiencing all the aspects that living entails.

Carey believes there is beauty in every experience of life and strives to capture and share some of those moments and the emotions they contain through every image. The vast majority of his work has been shot on-location although he also has years of experience shooting in-studio. "Life is energy in motion and Life is lived Underway.."