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Carlos Caicedo

I believe my peers and my work can speak for me much more eloquently. I've taken the liberty to attach some of the comments from this talented and welcoming community...

"Dear Carlos your brain is an amazing piece of art :)"-Jeanene Walsh

"You have become part of me now and live somewhere in my head, my heart and my imagination dear Carlos!"-Daniel Racine

"Ammiro il tuo stile, la tua arte, la tua cultura, la tua sensibilita, la tua creatività... Gran bel lavoro figurativo e concettuale!!!"-Anton M. G. Germano (alogico)

"There have been many moments on this site where an Artists work has had a profound impact on me. Today has been one of those inspirational and magical/profound moments! Thank you for sharing this amazing work, and for setting the bar for our beloved craft at such a lofty height!"-Mark Urso

"You probably originally a philosopher, and then a photographer my dear friend..:)))... Really the right way the first thought, and then a photo..!))"-Konstantin Vodolazov

"How to express wonderment and joy as one views your creations Carlos !!! There is no one like you. What a gift you possess"-Odette

"You are a writer who can tell a story on paper with no word..."-Adrian Borda

"You know exactly how to use the simple daily stuff to create something special"-Oliver B.

"C'era da aspettarselo con te. Sei riuscito a procreare strumenti d'arte.. Adesso la tua arte non morirà mai! Geniale. Bravo!!!! ;-)"-Antonio Iacobelli


"Quelle imagination dans l'ensemble de votre oeuvre !!! A partir de simples crayons et de papier découpé, il faut se creuser les méninges à chaque photos !! Bravo ! C'est aussi la démarche que je pratique (comme beaucoup certes). Un artiste né !"-Robert Chevarier

"Your art is unbelievable and magical. I look at your images over and over - fascinated and very humble. Great respect for you and your works! Best Regards"-Juergen Sellmann

"Your work is stimulating, thought provoking and evocative Carlos. Many congratulations - our imaginations are inspired by yours :-))))"-The Curator

"complimenti per la tua splendida ed originalissima galleria!"-Maurizia Longhi

"Je suis fou de tes oeuvres ... Bravo :)"-Jean Photographiste Lamirande

"Unbelievably creative work Carlos, stunning photos. I have never seen anything like it."-Robert Hawke

"Visual and tactile. Your works remind us something we are about to lose. Sublime to indulge in your visual. Thought provoking to think about your story...."-Kotomi Ito

"Yes, I am a Fan, a big Fan !!"-Astrid Roozenburg

"In your work I see mastery of compositional balance and harmony and the ability to manipulate form to raise questions and challenge our conceptions. Your use of the familiar to achieve this engaged me at an initially instinctive, emotional level that, in turn, triggered a deeper need to linger and reflect. None of this would be possible without your subtle weave of light and shadow underpinning, yet active, in each frame. Wonderful work".-Alun Davies

"I really love how you play your imaginations with this material, your works surprised me and shocked wonderful they are. Applaus to you Carlos. Greeting from Bali island"-Elva Que

"Your work absolutely fascinates me and I love how you animate the inanimate. Thank you for sharing your inspiring creativity."-Christine Veillette

"Surreal. Estoy disfrutando muchisimo con tus trabajos. Cada uno de ellos es una lección. Inspiradores."-Eduardo García

"Your whole gallery is a delight! Such a unique and playful way of looking at the world."-Julia Preminger

"I like Your unconventional view of things. Interesting works ! Thank You Carlos !"-Konstantin Slobodchuk

"Carlos, your art is unbelievable and truly and inspiration to those that enjoy the more creative part of looking thru the lens. Great work. I am so happy to have found you on 500px."-Mark DeCamp

"This is all sooooo creative! A pleasure to look at. Honoured to have come across your profile here"-Kresimir Delac

"Çizimleriniz de, mesajlarınız da muhteşem"-ADNAN ATAÇ

"No words are enough for your genius, Carlos!!"-Stefan Lindvall

"I am speechless... No words... You touched my heart... Carlos... Nice to see your work... I am trilled... Congratulations with such talent you have... I am glad to see your work... Seriously... :-)"- Gilbert Claes

"As a photographer and a professional illustrator, I find your work incredibly creative and beautifully executed."- EyeMeetsWorld

"Carlos, you are always incredible! Ingenious, creative whimsy that delights and amazes each and every time."-Therese DeSantis

"Sorprendido estoy con tu galería. Es original y brillante como pocas, un placer visualizarla. Enhorabuena y nunca dejes de explorar ese don creativo :-) Un saludo Carlos!!!"-Miyagi da Veiga

"!! ? !??? you are genius Carlos; hate the way your spectacular images make me know I am NOT a genius….. :) Great"-Odette Holty

"The overflow work group full of fun to be creative... I do not know the words of more than "Amazing" Thank you for the wonderful work group"-Kenjiroh Tukiyama

"Carlos your imagination very different. You've become my inspiration source, not just with your photos also with your thoughts :)"-Tunca Bayoglu

"I think that imagination of yours is in overdrive! Very clever, Carlos!"-Joanne Kennedy

"What an outstanding portfolio Carlos! Congrats! I am enjoying your brilliantly creative and humorous graphical installations! Absolutely stunning work!"-Gordon Tweedale

"magic and joy go hand in hand. Your work transmit both Congratulations Carlos !!"-ZéTO

"Carlos, me he quedado impresionada con tu galería, puro arte y creatividad, imaginación sin límite, y una ejecución realmente asombrosa. No hay composición que no me deje maravillada, no sabes cuanto me alegro de haberla visitado, seguiré disfrutándola .... mi enhorabuena! Saludos"-Belén Pérez

"Your gallery is magical, imaginative, unique and wonderfully artistic! Beautiful photography Carlos ****"*-joaquim barros

"... I can not tear off eyes from these subtle lines. But my thoughts go further, for their bending. I'm trying to think of what will happen to them next.. It's so beautiful, Carlos, that almost hurt."-antoninakuznetskaja

"Eres un genio ¡"-Luis Zafra

"i think you have truly found your art and style with this paper and pencil series. i'm drawn to the simplicity, the architectural lines, shadows or this work. really stunning -- i think this maybe the best work i've seen on 500px."-Mac Chilton

Luc Vangindertael (laGrange) Your graphical vision is so innovative, no one makes frames like this one (and most of your other frames). Congratulations with your fine portfolio Carlos :)

"Your work should be displayed on a wall in a art gallery...... :-) Never seen something like this before....And I love it :-) Thanks for sharing it."-Sigmund Løland

"Carlos, tu apellido es SORPRESA. Siempre lo haces, sorprenderme."-Elba Fragoso

"I'm amazed. Creativity is the link between Photography and Art. I would be the happiest man in the world if I could reach just one percent of your mindset!"-Guido Colombini

"I sit and stare at your images over and over and still can not understand your amazing 'eye' and POV…..Your the genius Carlos !!! :)"-Odette Holty

"It is a joy to look at your work! Imagination is a powerfull tool. The possibilities are endless! This is exactly what we need, a fresh view on whatever we are observing! Thank you very much!"-Hans Vereecken

"Your work is out of this world"-Joseph DiMartino

"love your quirky imagination and elegant should change your 500px name to Caran d'Ache ;-)"-victor cucos

"I really love the scenes you create Carlos. Tu eres un gran artista! Me encantan la luz, las líneas y curvas. Bravo!"-Lucie Gagnon

"It is unbelievable - your creativity has no end."-Reinhard Mittermaier

"Tiene Usted un sentido estético extraordinario. He disfrutado mucho sus galerías. Simplemente genial, muchas felicidades!"-rogercetina

"amigo as suas imagens continuam a ser uma inspiração . Muito bom abraco❤️"-José Marques Caro

"It is a pleasure to see your creative work, Carlos! Always a stunning surprise. Well done, my friend! :)"-Sarah Saratonina

"Dear Carlos, with your unique and creative work you certainly leave the crowd, and produce these amazing images that are the fruit of a very fertile and artistic mind! Receive my deep appreciation and respect for your being like this pencil, boldly standing and expressing itself out of the mainstream!"-Mirian Sanches

"your mind must be an amazing place to be"-Adrian Borda

"Tus fotografías son obras de arte."-Antonio Castillo Caparròs

"Carlos, your inventiveness is astounding, to say the least :)) ..just a brilliant mind as well as photographic skills!!!"-Faina Strier

"Caro amico, mi fai riflettere sul fatto che l'arte si "rinnova" di continuo; e che molto spesso segue percorsi imprevedibili e non "convenzionali" giungendo - non di rado - a risultati notevoli. Carlos: i tuoi lavori, sono dei veri capolavori."-Anton M. G. Germano (alogico)

"Only a mad man can have such a fantasy. Glad you are a bit mad Carlos ;-)))"-Hans Lakuse

"you blow me away. always something new and unusual. what a mind. bravo."-Mary Anne Chilton

"Sometimes I don't ask myself «how Carlos» creates his universe, I simply believe in it! ;-)"-Daniel Racine

"I have started a new gallery.. People who inspire me and I wanted one of yours for my opening picture and I like so many I didn't know which to choose... I just love your gallery its so enthralling... :-))"-jane kaye

"you are always tear down the walls my friend. and if it is only in our head ;-) cheers Carlos!"-alf Kuhn

"You have a very unique profile, never seen anything like this before. Excellent work, keep it up !"-M. Atif Murtaza

"Carlos, you are a poet. You have so many talents to draw from in communicating your ideas."-Ron Schwager

"Là tu vois Carlos, c'est l'excellence... c'est une oeuvre magnifique... J'adore. Bravo l'artiste ;-))))))))))"-Olivier Avez

"ya no me quedan palabras ..."-Jordi Gallego i Caldas

"I love your creativity... your work is brillant. Your ideas... and how you do it. Not just photography... it´s very, very fine Art!"-Oliver B

"Hi Carlos, you have one of the most intriguing and artistic galeries, I like everything, all your paper and pencils are just fabulous and the ballerines series in movements is amazing, congrats and thank you for sharing"-Marcel Morin

"Your ideas are like an endless river."-Reinhard Mittermaier

"Your gallery is full of poems and stories! You present a very extraordinary creativity and the ability to display them in your pictures. I love it!"-Roy Lemme Photo and Digital Art

"You are the most creative person I have seen on 500px" -Timothy O

"mind blowing creativity as always!"-Adrian Borda

"Just came across your stream of photos. Wonderful. Wonderful. It's great inspiration and a joy to view. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures."-Peter Paul

"you have a great and inexhaustible imagination, Carlos!!"-Maria Sadovnikova

"Wow your photos have made me love light and shadow even more than I already did... So inspiring Carlos... You have such talent and amazing sight.. :-))"-jane kaye

"The things you can do with paper... And you still know how to fold a boat ;-))) Like the dramatic movie I nominate you for an Oscar, Carlos :-))) Beautiful work here."-Hans Lakuse

"I can not even imagine how big is your imagination..."-Rosta Kubanek

"Amazing pictures! There are not many people who understand light as you do. Great job!"-Stefania Sossi

"Carlos - you create ever more intricate labyrinths of light and shadows! This is photography boiled down to its very essence! Masterful, my friend!"-Kirill Buryak Photography

"Siempre sorprendente, Carlos. Super-minimalismo. Es asombroso contemplar cómo unas leves líneas y volúmenes se transforman en una imágen llena de magia. Un saludo, Carlos y enhorabuena."-kiminur lurra

"Dear Carlos - I follow you since some time and now I just want to tell you, how much your work impresses me - it is really a great delight to see your deep and thoughtful pieces of Art! Really! Thank you for what you do! Cheers, Martin"-Martin Baer

"Ahhh, I am glad to discover your work....Fantastic!!!!!!!!"-Smiles123

"I want to steal! pick yourself! no one show! hide it, like a diamond in an iron chest like Miserly Knight ... :)) I was listening to ... enjoy your, my dear Carlos, created melody..."-antoninakuznetskaja ...

"Love your fantasy, again and again. Doing so much with so little. Great !!!"-Susanne Weigand

"really love your work!!!"-Norbert Maier

"Tanto en la abstracción como en las expresiones más figurativas, no dejas de sorprenderme y de maravillarme nunca. Es un regalo contemplar tus trabajos. Un fuerte abrazo, Carlos."-kiminur lurra

"Wonderful imagination and perception . love the way you composed and created wonderful images."-Charuhas Images

"At a first glance, it feels like many of your images defy the laws of geometry... But then looking closer I slowly begin to see how these images are possible without compositing... What an imagination you have, Carlos - my hat's off to you, my friend!"-Kirill Buryak Photography

"You create such a miraculous world of your own and so generously share it with us, Carlos. I like all your gallery but the series about paper and pencils impresses me especially. It is so full of light and air, as if you invited your guest to a veranda in a summer house somewhere in the mountains. Admire so much your creative generosity!"-Gala Grigoryeva

" tua luce, è ormai una tua caratteristica. Una luce speciale e divina.. Sempre più bravo Carlos.. Ciao :-)"-Antonio Iacobelli

"I am a fan of your creativity and beautiful works made with the simple menas : just paper, light and pencils. You create wonderful worlds which provoke imagination and thoughts."-Łucja Wanatowicz

"You mind must be an interesting place to visit"-Ron Schwager

"Of all the galleries Carlos, your is one of the ones that impression me the most, what an imagination and creativity, bravo"-Marcel Morin

"Teu trabalho com papel é muito original e maravilhoso!! Fotos fantásticas!"-Luiz Laercio

"Hello Carlos, it's always a treat for the eyes and a headache for the brain to look at your photos. The paper forms are soft and subtle gradations. I love .... as always."-Michel Auriac

"Magia otra vez. Ahora para homenajear al Maestro. Pura sensualidad en esas líneas y ese rojo pasión. Por enésima vez, me quito el sombrero."-kiminur lurra

"You have a super original gallery and your specific style is sharpened to perfection! Bravo for your originality and imagination, Carlos!"-Sara Biljana Gaon

"It still amazes me how you create these pieces of Art! Wonderful"-Elke Wessel

"Aloha Carlos, you do not take photos. you MAKE PHOTOS"-Reba ksia

"Bonjour Carlos, pour être appréciée à sa juste valeur, cette photo demande un écran d'ordinateur bien calibrée afin de profiter du dégradé de lumière qui est superbe. Cette réalisation donnerait une belle sculpture. Je vous souhaite un bon week-end."-Michel Auriac

"amazing, I definitely do feel the urge to watch you 'at work' in your studio ;)"-DorisTasarek

"You keep me amazed with your creativity my friend"-John Kamstra

"Great artistic work ! Master of paper !!"-Anette tv

"Simply wonderfull, you really are a paper artist!"-Adrien Cordier

"I have never seen anything like the work you do, The subject, lighting, and colors make each image spectacular. Well thought out and executed."-Holly Jean Treadway

"Eres una máquina con los pequeños detalles Carlos! Tu manejo de luces y sombras es buenísimo! Un saludo compañero!"-Aitor de la Fuente

"Amazing. Your creativity and what you can do with light, shadow and the geometry of a bendable surface is just remarkable. I never get tired of looking at your photos. Like your write up, too. Very nice."-Charles Landis

"Carlos, your work is getting more and more intricate and complex and captivating to look at... every piece provides a puzzle and a challenge to reconstruct the shapes of the paper, and the positions of the lights... I think you've single-handedly created a new sub-genre in still life photography - "photographic origami"!"-Kirill Buryak Photography

"The paper magic ! Produced by the paper magician"-Vangelis Mc Ris

"Carlos, you are a master of composition and light! It's so fascinating to view these magic pics created from a few sheets of paper and light! Best wishes!"-Peter Paul

"Your work is sublime Carlos. The forms and shades you create are so elegant..."-Adam West

"A gallery of charming images where a simple material, paper, can play infinite roles with light an color! Great!"-alcorbella

"! si les futurs tourneront eux aussi des pages..l'encre ..le papier ..c est une éternité. Et sous votre talent ..une nostalgie douce et moderne ..superb !"-Stéphanie magie

"You are soooo creative Carlos. You must be an engineer.....or mathematician besides being the artist."-Odette Holty

"You imagination makes miracles out of the most simple things, Carlos! Love the pencils!"-Sara Biljana Gaon

"Your photos are artworks : nice job !"-Emanuele Pigionatti

"What you are doing with paper and pencil is so amazing. Big fan Carlos!! The only thing we have in common is that we both use the camera. You turned your umbrella upside down when artistry was being showered upon us."-Joaquin James Javier

"Desde las imágenes más sencillas (sólo en apariencia), a las más sofisticadas, no dejas de maravillarme. Te admiro enormemente, Carlos. Un abrazo."-kiminur lurra

"Dear Carlos I'm a big fan of ur smart and perfect images love ur creativity:)"-H A N A A • T

"Your ideas are incredible Carlos!"-Ernst Schwamberger

Eight times featured on 500px Editors' Choice Gallery, including

Carlos is a multi-award winning Graphic Artist. His work, that spans over 40 years, has been shown throughout the United States from Alaska to New York as well as South America and Europe. Photography has always been one of his passions. Most recently, he has concentrated on the exploration of light and form, and on the use of the camera as a conceptual tool.

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