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carolina madruga

carolina madruga



I never know what to say about me. And I mean NEVER. Anyhow, I guess I could say that I enjoy the creative aspects of life and creative tasks and I’d like to show my way of seeing to other people so that I know I’m not the only one on the face of the earth that sees like I do. To not feel alone. To share something. To mean something. I’m interested in each and every kind of creative exploration. From drawing to writing or music. I’ve tried all those but my all time favourite is Photography. I like to steal other people’s moments. I like to steal amazing landscapes and pieces of nature and bring them back home with me. The streets and nature are where I feel more comfortable in, but I enjoy all styles of photography and photographers. I use both colour and black and white, tending to end up making oversaturated and very contrasty images. Some are more cheerful and happy, but I think the darker, moodier images dominate. I love the surreal side of life, the dreamlike images of everyday situations or landscapes, where then mind can make up another world out of something ordinary. So, I hope someone shares or at least appreciates my way of seeing. Thanks for reading this!
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