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Poh Huay Suen

Poh Huay Suen



My hobby is reading, travelling and photography. Have my own blog and love writing about my travelling in my blogger. Here is the link to my blogger:

A story on flowers

Published September 13th, 2012

I have alway wanted to do a story on flowers. I have no confident with my abilities to take flowers shoots and whether they are beautiful enough to woo readers. I would love your comments and advices so that I can improve my skills.

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The Horseshoe Pass and Falls, North Wales

Published September 6th, 2012

We went to the Horseshoe Pass on Tuesday. The road travels in a horseshoe shape around the sides of a valley. This road is frequently closed in winter due snow and land slides. The horseshoe Pass is popular place for bikers.

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Devon Coastline

Published August 30th, 2012

Went to the Lulworth. The Dorset and East Devon Coastline is a spyhole into 185 million years of Earth's history. At Lulwoth the rocks dating from the Upper Jurassic (150 million years ago).

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Stargaze night till sunrise

Published August 15th, 2012

Went with my friends to Fazeley Natural Reserve Park to see the shooting stars. I only manage to see 4 brighter and longer shooting stars where my friends managed to see more of the other smaller ones.

During the first 3 hours while we waiting for the clouds to clear and then covered with clouds again. Later around 3.45 a.m. the surroundings were all covered with mist and an hour later the sunrise. It was an amazing night with mother nature providing the show for us to see.

We are amateur photographers and this were our first experience of taking shooting stars. The reserve were too bright with road lights on. But the times were well spent and all of us totally caught by the show by the mother nature.

A spiritual, magical and mysterious night we were have.

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A visit to Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Published August 11th, 2012

Never enjoy myself so much in this V&A Museum. When been told my daughter that she need to go down to London for her open day in one of university. So booked the train tickets and hotel room and then went to London.

When she told me that she wanted to visit V&A and just went along with her. Her friend was keen on the Fashion so we were supposed to meet them there. Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950.

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