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Chris Dodkin

Chris Dodkin




Land Rover - Escape from the Rat Race

Published October 23rd, 2012

The work-week is done, it's time to escape the rat race and head out of the city for some fun, and our Land Rover will get us there.

We pack the LR3 and head out into the darkness, winding through the almost deserted streets of San Diego.

Leaving a pre-dawn San Diego behind as we head east towards the desert, the city glistens in our rear-view mirror as we climb away from the Pacific coast and head over the mountains.

As the sun comes up, it reveals the amazing outer bands of a tropical storm heading in over Mexico. We pull-over to admire the wonders of nature in this arid landscape. El Centro has never looked so beautiful.

Heading back to our LR3, and getting back on the road heading further into the desert, there's distant smoke rising into the still morning air. The rest of the world is slowly waking up as we continue our adventure.

500 Miles in a day - and plenty of places to get off-road and explore the desert landscape. The LR3 keeps us cool and safe in the hostile environme ...

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