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Mike  Arledge

Mike Arledge



ARTIST STATEMENT I am a romantic and classically minded artist; I believe ideas like shape, form, beauty (and even ugliness) are emotional and psychological reality which all humans constantly challenge and reaffirm through artworks. I tend to separate my portfolio into two categories: Artworks and photographs. My Portraits, Editorial Images, Fine Art Nudes and Gallery Projects I consider artworks because they use my photography equipment as only part of the creative process, along with significant digital photo manipulation; thus they aren’t intended to be viewed as photographs, the same way you might view a landscape photograph, or a family portrait. For these images, the final presentation is “Media independent” or “Mixed Media”, and I intend them to be understood that way to separate my style from other photographers (especially those who still work with film formats). My Nature and Cinema Galleries I consider photographs because they are more inherently presented as photographic prints, and strive for the qualities that make something a “captured moment” or a documentation piece adhering more strictly to photographic principles.

Mike Arledge has not written any stories.