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And Cindy Smiled

Published April 7th, 2012

Cindy asked, “I’ve been thinking about asking you to be in the birth room to take pictures.”

Cindy is family, married to my cousin, but I still didn’t expect an invitation like this. She went on to explain her processing.

“When Cohen was born I’ll never forget the look on David’s face. I’d like to capture it this time.”

On Friday I had the privilege of watching two people, who have created a family out of their love for each other, go through the hard work of birthing new life.

She pushed.

He encouraged.

He coached.

She prevailed.

She used the pain.

He caught the joy.

He laid Silas to her chest

Her ows became ahs

And from the corner of the room I captured David’s face, full of wonder, appreciation, and joy.

I’d show you that picture, but it is Cindy’s to treasure, and my price of admission.

This photo is from a few seconds later, a treasure of mine that I asked David and Cindy if I could share.

David, his eyes and hands never leaving new Silas, bends down to his wife and ...

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