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Chad Estes

Chad Estes



Chad Estes is a writer and photographer residing in Boise, Idaho. He has a keen eye for street photography that captures more than just a moment but also tells a story. He is mostly excited to photograph people, and looks for ways to help express their essence. Chad is eager to work with clients to help them tell their own story through the use of photography and writing. He will bring you into his studio for modeling and headshot work or travel to your home or place of business to do environmental portrait work and interviews. Though posed pictures can adequately capture a moment, Chad likes to look for the pictures between the posed pictures that can ultimately share the moods and motions of life. Sometimes what best tells the story is showing what we usually cover up – emotions, scars, inadequacies, etc. A couple of examples of this are a teenage girl that has lost her hair due to allergies that had me take photos of her without her wig on; a mom who wanted pictures of her two babies next to her stretch-marked stomach; a woman who had me take a new portrait of her as she had come to terms with her new look after nerve damage to her face made parts of it sag. I love working with breast cancer patients and help share their journey as their stories are so deep, personal, and meaningful. Chad desires to capture beauty, wonder, grace and value, even if it is in its rough form. What Chad won’t shoot, clothed or otherwise, are pictures that come across as exploitative, depersonalizing, objectifying and for someone else’s self-gratification. He also won’t shoot anything that depicts sexual acts or violence. Contact Chad for any type of photography especially when it involves capturing yourself, your friends, family and your stories. Chad is the founder of The Reveal Mission, RawBeauty.Me, and is a participating photographer with "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep."

And Cindy Smiled

Published April 7th, 2012

Cindy asked, “I’ve been thinking about asking you to be in the birth room to take pictures.”

Cindy is family, married to my cousin, but I still didn’t expect an invitation like this. She went on to explain her processing.

“When Cohen was born I’ll never forget the look on David’s face. I’d like to capture it this time.”

On Friday I had the privilege of watching two people, who have created a family out of their love for each other, go through the hard work of birthing new life.

She pushed.

He encouraged.

He coached.

She prevailed.

She used the pain.

He caught the joy.

He laid Silas to her chest

Her ows became ahs

And from the corner of the room I captured David’s face, full of wonder, appreciation, and joy.

I’d show you that picture, but it is Cindy’s to treasure, and my price of admission.

This photo is from a few seconds later, a treasure of mine that I asked David and Cindy if I could share.

David, his eyes and hands never leaving new Silas, bends down to his wife and ...

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