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Chris W

On Monoeides
One of Plato’s most famous ideas was his Theory of Forms. In this theory, he makes the distinction between the form and the Form. The form being that which we perceive with our senses and the Form being the ideal of whatever it is that we perceive. If we were to take the idea of ‘beauty’ for example, we can interpret the form of beauty to be that with which we can perceive, whereas the Form of beauty, is ideal and absolute beauty. What we see, the form is always imperfect while the Form is perfect and is of monoeides, or a single essence (mono=single, eides=essence). The Form of beauty is that one ideal that is not only absolute beauty, but also contains that single essence of beauty.
In photography, I know it is impossible to say that I can take the ‘Photograph’, the perfect picture. Instead, I take pictures and look for facets of the essence of the Photograph, knowing I will never take the Photograph thereby perpetually chasing monoeides.

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