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CHAYA [Renjith Joseph]

CHAYA [Renjith...



My love for photography got me to create a profile here. I am into fashion and still life photography. While you are here, do check out my collections. Cheers Renjith Joseph

Midsummer noon

Published August 21st, 2013

The shoot was during midnight, but the challenge was to produce an image which would look like it was shot during midsummer noon.

What makes a good summer feel to the picture?

The presence of harsh sun light, flare, warmth, rim light and the mood.

Limitations: The room was quite small to work with, only two strobes, lack of a good model (so I have to take over the role) :)

I started off by making sure that there is no ambient light creeping into the base exposure, which was pretty easy as it was midnight and the only light present in the room was of a fluorescent bulb. The light behind the subject was setup first as that’s the one which would set the mood for the picture by acting as ‘the sunlight’, creating a beautiful rim light on the subject, adds a bit of flare, gives the nice low contrast look for the glass panes in the shelf and act as a backlight for the props. This was setup with a strobe set at ½ power, firing from an umbrella. Once that was in place, the fill/front ligh ...

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alone I stand

Published September 25th, 2012

There has always been moments in our lives when we felt all alone and everything seems to be working against us. We all have been there, regardless of what the odds are, we pull it off every time. And turning back, we would nothing but be surprised on the very thought of how we surpassed all these!

Getting into the details of the making of this picture, my all time favorite Tabletop photography lens is the Nikon 55mm f3.5 micro-nikkor. However, in this case I used a special one, the Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 20mm f4.0, also known as the "Zebra" lens. This lens is best known for its capability to do architectural photography and has zero distortion. But that's not the reason that I picked this lens for this particular project. I needed a really wide lens to have my subject (pawn) dominantly big at the same time including into frame the whole of the other side chess pieces. The Zebra's close focusing capability is amazing that I could really get close and shoot. Adding wide and close fo ...

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jenga explosion

Published April 22nd, 2012

Everyone who has played Jenga would have loved it, I love it too.

So one day, with nothing to do and nowhere to go, I was thinking about doing some tabletop photography. And then the search for objects to photograph started. Pretty soon my eyes hooked upon the Jenga box. Now it was about how to take an interesting picture of it. I was thinking of making a picture of Jenga collapsing, but it was more of capturing the precise moment and was not that much of a challenging task in itself, other than the timing. So I started thinking and I had this crazy idea of making a picture of Jenga exploding. Now that’s some challenge, coz the Jenga only falls down lamely, and there is no explosion whatsoever! I had to put in some effort and quite a lot of time into the project, and this picture is what I came up with. And I loved it!

I would classify photographing something into mainly two: picture taking and picture making. Needless to say, this picture falls into the second category. Because pict ...

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