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Cheng Han

Cheng Han



I was born in 1969 and my first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 66x. Next was a very used Canon FTB SLR given to me by my brother at 8 years old. I spent hours fascinated by the mechanical nature of this device, looking at how the shutter curtain would open and close as I turned the shutter speed dial and the way the aperture rings on the lenses would close so precisely in unison like a door from an old Science Fiction movie. Seeing a photographic print of a memory always left me with some dissatisfaction at how I was unable to accurately etch, everything I saw, felt and recalled from that moment and so started my quest with photography - to present a still image which resembles a vision we see in a dream - vivid & emotional. I love people in my images. People as characters within a story, interacting with their surroundings, real or in fantasy. In 2014, I started experimenting with photography within what I feel to be a fascinating backdrop - underwater. However, I wanted to portray subjects within the water as if that was the world they had always existed in. The water and it's effect on them was something we would take for granted - it's there and it has always been there within their world. CURRENT EQUIPMENT: Ikelite - Underwater Housing for Canon 5D mk3 Ikelite DS160 & DS161 - Underwater Lighting Walimex Softboxes - Underwater Light modification Elinchrom Quadra - Surface Lighting Elinchrom Softboxes - Surface Lighting Pocket Wizard - Flash Triggers Canon 5D Mk3 (24mm f1.4 & 50mm f1.4) for underwater work

Cheng Han has not written any stories.