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Latest shoots

Published January 9th, 2012

When I signed up on 500px I wrote a little post about my latest shoots and I should continued writing every week, but being sometimes quite lazy at certain things that demand time, I just zap them.

So last week, I had two amazing shoots with a group of clients and another one for my personal work. The first one was a concept I put up on the very same day of the shoot though the idea had stemmed in the my mind the day before. I named it "Sous les nuages de coton" which is literally "Underneath the cotton clouds" but to be honest, it sounds better in French than in English, which is the reason why I chose to call it "Daydreams" in English. Much better, right? About the shoot, it was an amazing one, one of my best says my best friend Emma and i agree because I never had so much pleasure and never felt that much inspired by my model. Elizabeth was so beautiful with all the make up on her, but actually, I put just some "no-make-up" make-up on her face for her to be just fair and natural looking. I always tried that fresh look on her with her cheeks being so rosy like those English young ladies in the past century that would pinch their cheeks for it to pink.

So about the make up, I kept it natural using some concealer on her spots, then applied some loose powder to make the skin mat and of the same colour. Then I used my blush palette and took my kabuki brush and the darker shade to dig a little bit under the cheekbones. After the highlight, I chose the pink shade to give the rosy highlight to her cheekbones. Being done with this, I highlighted her T-zone with some whiter powder and a darker one for both sides of the nose. I got to say I love how Elizabeth's face appears on a picture. I did not even attempted to cover her beauty spots which add a bit of charm in my opinion.

For the eyes, I added a primer underneath a pale brown shade on the eye lid. Then I chose to put some brown eyeliner to make her eyelashes line seem a little bit darker. Just under her eyebrow I chose a simple silky smooth pink from the Revlon ColorStay palette. It's in my opinion a superb highlighting colour for fair skin beauties and even for a dark skinned like me. Ah, and I also added that L'Oréal Watermelon Ice lipstick on her lips to keep it all pink.

To finish Elizabeth's look I made her brows a bit darker using a think brush and a brown matte colour and used the Dior Extase mascara on her eyelashes. That last touch really gave her what it needed to look like the awesome model with a Japanese touch that I had in my mind. It was funny to hear Elizabeth exclaim after looking at her reflection n the mirror "I really look Chinese now!"

The shoot with her went on really fine with Connie helping us with the light. We did not have any trouble on the beach but the only downside was the sun hitting my back really hard and even with lots of sun cream, I did get tanned and my skin ache a bit afterwards. (A first!)

The next day I shot again at the beach. I had a group of 4 clients who booked me to shoot them while they would be riding horses at the Horse Riding Club of Riambel in the south of the island. It was a nice thing that the shoot took place at around 5pm. But the sun was still hitting hard and I had to run alongside the riders on the beach. Running and clicking is already difficult, but running on the SAND and clicking with the sun into my eyes is TOUGH! But I handle it nicely I think and I got really nice pictures. Pictures will be up in a week because right now I got a busy week coming.

So here's for now.

Have a nice week ahead everyone!


The natural make up on Elizabeth for the Daydreams conceptual shoot.


One of the pictures from the shoot.

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Awesome Account
John Middleton  about 6 years ago

Well done; please add more