Chinmay Mishra

Professionally I am an Embedded Systems Engineer but I have always been interested in photography since my childhood days. Back in those days I had a very simple 35mm film camera with no zoom, just a fixed lens with a fixed aperture.There was no concept of depth of field control of any kind. It was set for an optimum aperture to have maximum depth of field. And I didn’t even know in those days about the advanced concepts of photography and how dramatic its affects can be. I always used to think twice before taking a photo as purchasing film and paying for the processing was expensive and it was little too difficult to pay for, with my pocket money. I still like some of the photos taken during those days but most of them have been destroyed beyond recovery.

But things have changed a lot nowadays. We are in a completely different era. People have stopped thinking about film cameras. Every other person in a crowd has a digital camera and they are happily clicking away. But it is surprising to still see some people, relying on their age-old film cameras. I even think that our next generation, may not have any idea about a film camera.

Right now, my photography gear is completely digital, as it offers lot of flexibility and allows us to experiment a lot with our photography without worrying much about film processing expenses. But still in one corner of my heart I feel that film should not die away completely. Today I carry all the heavy gear that I have because I can, but as I grow old I still want to photograph, but without having to carry all the heavy gear. It would be great to have a Leica M7 / MP, where I don’t have to worry about all the digital aspects of photography, battery life, RAW processing etc. I just want to take photos that are good out of the box. This experience would be much more relaxing than the one I am having right now.

My photography choices are mostly Landscape and Wildlife. I don’t think I am very good at People photography. Somehow I feel that I am not able to give that special touch to my people photos. You have to react instantly to capture the emotions while also thinking about the aesthetic aspect of photography. With Landscape photography you have some time to think what to capture, how to capture, what would be the best composition etc. I am very much a slow kind of person and Landscape work is more suited to me. I am not very good at wildlife photography but it interests me a lot and I am ready to try harder to get better at it.

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