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Lost Planet

Published December 13th, 2012

Creating long exposures is something fairly new too me especially at sunset, but everything just seemed to fall into place on this day,

I really liked the power plant on the horizon it really contemplated the fantastic colours and surreal effect of the misty water.

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Long Exposures

Published June 29th, 2012

One of my new loves is long exposures!

In this set there is various types and lengths of long exposures,

The reservoir ones are the longest using a 10 stop filter and various editing techniques to acquire the desired looks.

The waterfall one using only 3 stop filter just enough to smooth out the water and get that sense of smooth movement.

The tunnel ones where without a filter and just a very small aperture and low light, i also manually zoomed out slowly over the duration of the shutter time to suck the light in and through the tunnel and also get the effect as though the lights on the ceiling are moving through the tunnel.

Hope you enjoy them :)

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Being Creative in Edinburgh

Published June 29th, 2012

Hdr a term and style that has a bad name due to its over used and abusedness!

That said i have seen some tremendous photographys by the people who have mastered this style or way of capturing a wide ev range when a normal shot just wont cut it!

I stick to hdr only in urban shots mainly with the odd exception, either to capture the scene naturally or to give it a bit of 'spice'

Below are a selection of my favorite shots with a mix of creative and natural views in mind.

Hope you like them

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Being Creative

Published June 29th, 2012

Pushing the limits of your skills is something easily done but hard to master!

These are my two favorite images created by myself in full...I took the pictures and i done the work. Of coarse with a little help from the fantastic people who spend time making free textures for us to use.

Two different uses here one was to make a fantastic silhouette of a tree have a bit more atmosphere!

And the other to give the desired creepy portrait the background to compliment it.

Hope you enjoy! :)

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Mist and Fog

Published June 28th, 2012

On two occasions this year i have been able to go out shooting in the mist for the first time since i took up photography as a hobby.

Something i have been praying for and took good advantage of!

These are two sets of shots, one was in thick fog and the other in a wet mist.I tried my best to capture the atmosphere and fantastic scenery i have surrounding my home.

One of my favorite shots is the man walking into the fog, iv always loved this style of minimalism and wanted to capture my own so i literally chased after this gentleman to capture him vanishing into the thick fog it certainly was a fantastic thing to witness.

As you can see i done various woodland shot each i tried to make it, its own image and have its own feel and appeal.

There also a couple close up / macro style shots of the water droplets and defused lighting i experience on that day.

Again i hope you like them as much as i do :)

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Loch Long

Published June 28th, 2012

My first real holiday and we decided to go to a log cabin in Scotland at loch long,

A fantastic little cabin with a hot tub helped us celebrate our engagement! I also got to visit a brand new location for the first time to test my photography skills.

I got some fantastic pictures through out the day from early morning and into the evening. But my favorite ones where late in the evening as the last of the light was fading, this fantastic mist had rolled in over the surrounding hills totally transforming the area and giving a beautiful tranquil feel. I tried my best to capture this in these two shots.

I hope you enjoy them as much as i did experiencing it :)

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A test of strength and memory

Published June 27th, 2012

A short little journey in the car to this waterfall saved a long walk which would take several hours. This allowed me to get to this location in the early evening after work on a very overcast and drizzly day.

I had never visited this location before and was with a friend who had only been once before, I approached with an open mind but immediately spotted a spot in the middle of the river where i wanted to set up for my first shots, after going for a quick look and returning to grab my gear i began setting up my tripod and composing my shot.

A test of strength and memory...Is a bit of a fun take on the situation i found myself in that night, shortly after setting up i became aware of the midges ( little flying insects which swarm and bite) and shortly after becoming aware of them i was over run by them!

Overrun to the extent that i couldn't keep my eyes open for longer than 10-15 seconds at a time, all the while trying to get my filters in place and focus etc... So yea its kinda fu ...

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