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Being Creative in Edinburgh

Published June 29th, 2012

Hdr a term and style that has a bad name due to its over used and abusedness!

That said i have seen some tremendous photographys by the people who have mastered this style or way of capturing a wide ev range when a normal shot just wont cut it!

I stick to hdr only in urban shots mainly with the odd exception, either to capture the scene naturally or to give it a bit of 'spice'

Below are a selection of my favorite shots with a mix of creative and natural views in mind.

Hope you like them

Carlton Hill - Canon

St Marys Chapel - Edinburgh

Carlton Hill - Canon b/w

Little Shop of Horrors

Based on the film in the title as an idea i took this shot of the Green House in the botanical gardens in Edinburgh, The foliage inside looking as though its trying to burst out of the windows and the moody sky creating an atmosphere

The Hub - Edinburgh

Grass market - Edinburgh

The Grass Market - Edinburgh

Welcome To Edinburgh

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