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Christopher Brescacin

Christopher Brescacin




The Start Of The Football Season

Published January 5th, 2013

As summer training begins for the St. Basil Saints Junior Football Team there are not to many players who will be playing on the team. As I look at my future team mates who are standing on the field I see the coaches that will be coaching me this year. The coaches take the field and tell us to run two laps around the field. After a few minutes the coach rallies the players into a big huddle and discusses what we will be doing these fit couple of days and he tells us the challenges that are in this sport. Coach tells us to make sure you get to know everyone on the team and bond with each other because you will be like brothers this football season. After this brief talk coach tells the rookies to get 5 tackling bags to be used as dummies. Once the tackling drill is done we all then move to the sled for most of the practice. This is where we practice bull rushing, our quickness pushing the bags and strength and footwork techniques. After about a half an hour we are just about fin ...

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