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Who Inspires You?

Published September 9th, 2011

I stumbled into my obsession with photography about 5 years ago. I've since progressed from a casual shooter into a full fledged, raving photography enthusiast. Part of the madness is of course looking at the work of other photographers. There are a few whose work gives me inspiration to create new photos. For me, the work Chris Crisman does continues to amaze me. He is an artist working with light. Of course appreciation of someones work is subjective and you may find it unappealing. So who does it for you? Who do you want to tell others about? Whose work has helped you shape your own style as a photographer?

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Chris Edwards  over 6 years ago

Manny Librodo has made some beautiful portraits. Thanks for letting me know about him.

Brian Shaw  over 6 years ago

Ive started without any inspiration really, just inspiration to create something out of nothing because most of us photographers are creative thinkers, in my opinion we crave to get that image we see in our heads and out into print or a digi-image. I think ive started photography the same time as you have but only had a good dslr a year or two. I started with only being self taught and built my own style and preferences from day one. Needless to say when i do see amazing work from other photogs. i take notice on how they process their masterpieces. ex. ive got a really awesome shot of something but it ends up having a lot of noise. When i see such refined shots of good photographer, i try to learn how they do it. but the whole creativity | composing process boils down to me. As for lighting, i prefer natural lighting over anything else. I feel that fake light only mimics real lighting once you know how to manipulate it, it works. but real light conditions are "take it or leave it" in my opinion. There are quite a few photogs ive seen respecting over and over again:

Manny Librodo: when you look at his work, he's got such a unique way of making a subject pop and tell its story. the amazing thing is he uses nothing but natural light.

David lachapelle: his attitude brings forth what an artist is as a photgrapher. in my opinion he has no bounds. hes out there, and doing sh*t were all afraid to do

Nick Onken: Just saw this guys work recently, i like how he simplifies his shots making them very personable and that i think is what photographs should really be and his attitude is what a photographer should always be.

Mark Nicdao: i dont think people know who this guy is because he is native to my country. But his style and shots that grace some mags locally are something i look forward to and i think is international worthy. I end up buying each issue to see his work and nothing else. He makes me want to learn his style and take up fashion photography as well as make sexy sexy shoots very classy and tasteful. So i guess i posted this guy because there will that local guy from where you are that would help you want to evolve your craft.

Ansel Adams: One of the greats. This guy is explorer extraordinaire both outdoors and indoors. He even dodges and burns with negative film. His works makes anyone feel that photography should be taken seriously. His works are great art pieces today.

Webb bland: he photographs my favourite subject: cars and he does them in style too. i hope to be like him (getting clients to take pics of their precious collections) one day :D

Steve curry: his afghan girl shot really speaks millions when it comes to portraits. those days you couldnt retake shots when you are with film cams. The way he documents frozen moments wows me and anyone who looks at his work!

there are lots out there. I always look at other peoples stuff to improve. I even sometimes even try to replicate a shot just to see if i'm capable of such shots but i discard them right after as that is copying lol