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Sparks Lake and the Aurora Borealis

Published June 2nd, 2013

Standing on the shores of Sparks Lake in the Oregon Cascades is a humbling experience, and while I drove 4.5 hours from my home in Portland, once you stand at the foot of the South Sister, Broken Top, and Mt. Bachelor you feel transported.

In the dark, looking up at the sky and seeing the bajillion stars and listening to the chorus a frogs, crickets and geese you cannot help but have a moment. When your eyes adjust you are surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, and a large glassy body of water.

Gazing into the viewfinder, hearing shutter clicks and Frogs and "silence" is a pretty zen experience.

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My year in photos

Published December 5th, 2012

I am the type of photographer that is equal parts "holy sh*t look at that sunrise" and "hey there is a new moon this weekend lets go to the mountain and shoot the milky way". I like to capture the world around me, but I believe in Ansel Adams philosophy that "you don't take a photograph, you make it". Sometime that making requires an adventure.

I am proud to display photos taken this year from my back yard (literally), Rocky Butte (10 minutes drive from my house), Astoria, OR, Old Harris Ranch (11 mile bike ride up the Deschutes River), the last spin on the beach in Tofino British Columbia, and my virtual back yard (the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood).

I am grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest where I can participate in all these beautiful moments.

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