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Chris Tennant

Chris Tennant



While a physicist by training, my passion for photography started well before the seeds of becoming a scientist were planted. I've been photographing for over 2 decades, starting with the Pentax K-1000 I received as a present for my 10th birthday. Although fully immersed in digital photography, my earliest experiences were with film and a darkroom. My photographic subjects include intimate macros, sweeping landscapes and everything in between. However my real passion is photographing water. The vast and endless expanse of the ocean. The mighty roar of a majestic waterfall. A tiny droplet of water in free fall. Despite these extremes of spatial scale, the common element is water. With creative use of exposure times, mighty ocean waves can be rendered a glassy, metallic, smooth surface while waterfalls are transformed into a dream-like landscape or tiny orbs of water are suspended and frozen in time. These effects are created by using shutter speeds span 7 orders of magnitude, that is, where long exposures have shutter speeds approximately 10,000,000 times longer than those used for high speed imaging. On the one hand, long exposures create an image that, in a sense, does not actually exist. While on the other hand, high-speed photography techniques can capture a moment which exists, but the delicate beauty of which we cannot fully detect nor appreciate with the eye alone.
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