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christophe Levet

christophe Levet



My name is Christophe Levet and i'm a French Photographer. With my studies of psychology and my past as artistic director, i'm always looking to create strong images with a real meaning. I works for fashion and music industry or for many companies in other sectors. My favorite subject is portrait. For me, human being is very interesting to photography because each individual is different and capture the moment who reveals their soul "it's kind of magic". If you need strong pictures from France, don't hesitate to contact me : chris@levetchristophe.com My website : http://www.levetchristophe.fr French version : Je m'appelle Christophe Levet. Je suis photographe professionnel et je réside à Grenoble en France. Je suis spécialisé en photo corporate et en portraits. Je peux me déplacer dans toute la france pour réaliser vos projets de communication. Voici le lien vers mon portfolio officiel : http://www.levetchristophe.fr
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