Christopher Schlaf

Published January 17th, 2013

Contact/Purchace info Christopher.Schlaf@comcast.net....... A bit about me: 1st and most importantly, I like to laugh. As for my Photography, I’m a more serious fella. In fact, I work hard to produce the best possible photo’s . While doing so, I always keeping in mind 3 items: LIGHT, PERSPECTIVE, and APETURE. I say, “If it is not good enough to me, you’ll never see’it. As for my work, I would like to be viewed as a well rounded photographer, not as a specific kind of photographer (Macro, Birds, etc...). Sadly, one of the only items at present I don’t capture is landscapes; as there’s nothing special where I live, and I don’t have the luxury to travel. With this said, I appreciate only honest opinions. If you don’t like something, be truthful…let me know. Chris

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Devraj Khatri  over 2 years ago
Awesome work Chris..all photographs are beautiful....
CHRISTOPHER SCHLAF  over 2 years ago
Thank you very much Devraj