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Chuck Gallup

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness. What a pure and simple purpose. The words ring loud as Our Founders had been denied this simple gift from God. America's constitution is mankind's greatest jewel in the universe. A byproduct of tyranny's crucible created by God fearing, freedom loving men.
Spreading my contempt for Liberal Ideology is my purpose on Facebook.
Stop the Liberal Infection eating U.S. alive!
America is under attack by a mental disease known as Liberalism.
We Have A Nation To Save!
America is not suffering by poor service ... America is being served up as a main course by a master chef!

"Free enterprise has done more to reduce poverty than all the government programs dreamed up by Democrats." — Ronaldus Maximus"

The miasma in America today is the byproduct of welfare.

America elected a Usurper. General Obama. The greatest enemy general ever to attack America!

One if by Land; Two if by Sea; Three if by Washington D.C.!

Obama: America's Second 911.

I consider myself a Political Conservative Carnivore. I love the smell of liberal blood, carnage and the chaos of encounters with The Left. Growing old eating my favorite dish: Liberals or fighting a civil war...whichever comes first is my destiny.

I do not play well with others. I hate political Weathervanes. People who seek to "get along" give me gas. Government minders known as Faith Hope and Changers are my enemy.

Liberalism is the antithesis of everything American. Its myopia is the reason for America's decline. America was designed for a free and moral people. You can't be a liberal and consider yourself moral. Americans cannot suckle from the government teat and expect to enjoy a life of freedom, prosperity and peace.

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over & over again & expecting a different result." (See Democrats)

Our nation is under attack by a grievous and insidious ideology of insanity, stupidity, selfishness, narcissistic growth much like fungus or rust. Rot! It is called Liberalism. Liberalism will be the death of America if allowed to inhabit the dark moist spaces of America much longer. Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness is being bought off by The Usurper's 'promise' of a Free Lunch. Too many Americans expect "Sump'in Fer Nuffing". If you believe our government owes you anything beyond that found in our constitution....

Beware: Do Not Friend Me If You Simply Want to Go Along To Get Along.!

Don't ask me for Farmville favors!

I can't help the poor, my neighbors or my community if I’m a victim of our Marxist's Faith Hope and Change. The Usurper's Faith Hope and Change is the essential ingredient for poverty, suffering, hunger and war. Throw off the chains of bondage and turn Faith Hope and Chains into nothing more than a bitter memory when we almost lost our country to ignorance and complacency!

You have a duty to become informed and aware.

The time for Liberals worshipping themselves will soon be at and end.

America Owes Nobody A Living!
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