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Kash G

I have recently started getting serious about photography so I don’t qualify myself as a photographer yet. I am mostly self taught and believe in the art of photography as a powerful form of expression. I plan to improve my skills as time goes by and if it allows me to do so. I believe still images are one of the most powerful forms of communication, more powerful than film or TV. Still images don’t manipulate your own point of view, the way film or TV tends to. When you look at an image, you either like it or don’t that’s all. You are free to form your own opinion about it, which I consider freedom of the soul and mind.
As Antoine de Saint Exupery writes in “The Little Prince”. “It is only with heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”.

Today we live in the most documented and recorded era the world has ever seen. Millions of images are being captured every second through mobile phones, film, point and shoot and digital cameras and sent via internet all across the world within seconds. This flow of information is vital but along with it comes the critical responsibility of respecting cultures and values.

I owe my inspiration to many photographers who have dedicated their entire lives to photography.


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