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Born in 1972 in the North of France, I've started photography in summer 2010. Self educated, I needed one year to find and give sense to my work, by directing it to a very special style of pictures. Thus, from summer 2011, I specialized in architecture by adopting a very personal vision of this photographic field. Loyal to my likes for minimalism and abstraction, I enjoy taking uncluttered pictures. I walk the cities, looking for buildings that will catch my eye. I love to compose with modern design buildings. Their various shapes, materials and colors used are all factors that enlarge the range of possible composition. But shooting is not all. Once taken, the picture is like a raw material that must be shaped. Alone in front of my computer, step by step, try after try, touch by touch, the picture transforms until the definitive version reveals itself. This creative process is from my point of view as important as the shooting itself.
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