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Clay Alchemist

Clay Alchemist



I'm Clay Alchemist - illustrator, sculptor, and photographer from Grand Rapids, MI. Originally an animator, I discovered a profound love for photography when I began classes at the local college. Ever since then, I have specialized in creating stories with my sculptures, and more recently creating illustrative portraits of myself.
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon FE-2
  • Nikkor 24mm ƒ2.8 AIS
  • Nikkor 50mm ƒ1.8 AF-S
  • Nikkor 85mm ƒ1.8 AF-S
  • Nikkor 180mm ƒ2.8 AIS

Old, but not forgotten, love

Published April 25th, 2013

Every couple has its ups and downs in life. After 57 years of being together, Arnie and Gloria's initial passion for each other has run out.

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The Drunk

Published February 7th, 2013

With beer still fresh in his breath, Darren's mind dwelled on the next drink. Stumbling out of bed and stepping into his own rat feces, his wife sat up in bed and begged him not to go. Her memory, still vividly depicting her husband passed out on the bar floor.

She thought to herself – Perhaps she should have left him to be stepped on by the obnoxious drunk chasing after him the week before...

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Published January 27th, 2013

Sam thought he was doing his part by turning in his gun. Less guns on the street, less crime – makes sense.

All it took was an encounter with one thug to realise it wasn't the guns that were dangerous, it's the violent person behind the weapon that's dangerous.

Don't willingly vote away your rights, folks. Just because you don't own a gun doesn't mean you won't want one someday to protect yourself.

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