Opportunities Come Every Day

Published November 10th, 2013

As a professor of digital media technology (which includes portrait photography) I meet with students almost daily in my office. One day, about three weeks ago, a student came to my office to talk about her future career. As she walked in the door, all I could focus on were her eyes so blue. Additionally, she wore an interesting hat that helped. She appeared almost as a model in her appearance. Her attire, for that day, was perfect for modelling as well.

She had a great smile to go along with everything else and a jovial personality as well. After she left my office, I kept thinking, "why didn't you ask if she would be interested in a photo session?" Of course, my answers and rationale did stand ground. She was visiting my office for another purpose, not for some prof to talk about a photo session. About two days later, I contacted this same student and very carefully worded my email about a photo session. Well, she was ecstatic and said she needed some new photos and would ...

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