Testing My Limits in Yading

Published May 5th, 2014

Having returned from a trip of unforgiving road condition, altitude sickness and cup noodles to Yading, Sichuan, Colman Li speaks of unforgettable experience in Shangri-La.

The more adventurous among you would be no strangers to the book Lost Horizon, written by by English writer James Hilton in 1933 on Shangri-La, a mythical utopia near Tibet.

And that’s the reason I was there in Autumn 2013.

If I must be frank it was the toughest trip ever, at least in the past 30+ years, as the travel distance by bus was long and unending – I traveled at least 10 hours a day with only an hour of break in between for lunch. The longest day was a 14-hour ride, which owed much to poor driveway condition caused a road enhancement project. We’d traveled four hours with the highest speed being a mere 30 km/h.

The unforgiving road condition was compounded by altitude sickness, as we once reached areas as high as 4,500+ meters. Miserable as I was, I could only find comfort in biscuits and cup noodles – the ...

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