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Colman Li

Colman Li



An avid traveller and amateur photographer who began his photography life back in high school, and discovered his interest in travelling back in 2007. The plan on the Yading trip was conceived in 2008 when he started shooting within China, and the trip was realised after a series of preparation to more hostile terrains like Nepal and Qinghai, with experience gained on high attitude and trekking. The trip is still fondly remembered for the view, air and culture, despite the hardship. Having trotted through 17 countries and 90+ cities by end of 2017, Colman remains excited about all the future trips to come.

Testing My Limits in Yading

Published May 5th, 2014

Having returned from a trip of unforgiving road condition, altitude sickness and cup noodles to Yading, Sichuan, Colman Li speaks of unforgettable experience in Shangri-La.

The more adventurous among you would be no strangers to the book Lost Horizon, written by by English writer James Hilton in 1933 on Shangri-La, a mythical utopia near Tibet.

And that’s the reason I was there in Autumn 2013.

If I must be frank it was the toughest trip ever, at least in the past 30+ years, as the travel distance by bus was long and unending – I traveled at least 10 hours a day with only an hour of break in between for lunch. The longest day was a 14-hour ride, which owed much to poor driveway condition caused a road enhancement project. We’d traveled four hours with the highest speed being a mere 30 km/h.

The unforgiving road condition was compounded by altitude sickness, as we once reached areas as high as 4,500+ meters. Miserable as I was, I could only find comfort in biscuits and cup noodles – the ...

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