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Cornel Krämer

Cornel Krämer



I was born in 1954 in the mid-west of Germany. At the age of seven I started taking pictures. In the first thirty years of my creative work I focused on landscapes, animals and still lifes. I learned the photographic view of the world. I was permanently hunting for visual singularities, for extraordinary objects or perspectives. The first usage of a macro lens opened a new world to me, the world of the macro cosmos. From then on objects which couldn't be seen with human's eyes became visible. I zoomed flowers to pistils , insects to a compound eyes and dishwater to soap bubbles. But the human being was never an interesting subject to me as an artist. It is about ten years from now that I started taking pictures from human beings. Life is beautiful and and it is my passion to deal with people and to catch just a small part of their soul by establishing a "magical connection" which makes it possible to take authentic pictures. It is my passion to retain these brief moments where the true nature of a person is visible.

Cornel Krämer has not written any stories.